Celebrity Nip Slip

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Britney Spears

For some famous women, an accidental nip-slip can actually be a positive indication of improvement. Nowhere has this anomaly been more successfully demonstrated than with Britney Spears’ June, 2007 slip outside of Bel Air’s Sushi House Unico (standing next to her oblivious assistant and BFF, Allie Sims) which was taken just a few months after pictures of the “Toxic” singer’s va-jay-jay crashed onto the web like the meteor from “Armageddon.”

Alas, just 3 months later, Brit would once again offer the paparazzi a glimpse of her naughtier parts, again while exiting a vehicle. Just a suggestion Britney, but maybe you and Mischa Barton should try riding the bus from now on?

Cameron Diaz

When it comes to Cameron Diaz, it’s indeed difficult to settle on just one famous nip-slip. The Michael Jordan of errant areolas, Diaz has let fly while appearing on “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Hollywood red carpets, and too many European beaches to name. Odd thing is, with the exception of her brief appearance as a dominatrix in 1992’s low-budget S&M movie “She’s No Angel,” Diaz has never appeared topless in a film. Hmmm.

Kirsten Dunst

Snapped and quickly spread to anxious, highly appreciative Spiderman fans all over the world, Kirsten Dunst’s December, 2004 bikini-slip in St Barts was a bonafide tabloid sensation. Later described by London Daily Mail columnist Nick Henegan as “over in a flash,” the Dunst double nip-slip lasted just long enough to give one paparazzi cameraman a very financially lucrative year.

Amazingly, had the pap’s picture been an exclusive image of a plane crashing into the side of a mountain, or a never-before-seen glimpse at a rare underwater animal believed to predate the dinosaurs, it probably would have fetched a lot less.

Lindsay Lohan

In March 2006, two years before her now famous recreation of Marilyn Monroe’s nude last sitting, the law of averages finally caught up with Lindsay Lohan, and the tip of her right boob was revealed during a General Motors celebrity fashion show.

Less than three years later, GM would find itself bankrupt and in need of a federal bailout, while Lindsay would find herself unemployable and dating a club DJ who looks like Dennis the Menace. Coincidence?

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